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A Minecraft Server like no other!

here you can be who you want to, play how you wanna play. Were a RPG server, and were taking it to a whole new level of awesome.

Our server has a GRAY LIST this is a PUBLIC server.

This server offers you the options of:

An OPTIMISED version of vanilla; only the bear bones with a few tweaks, protection systems, set home, and a player ran economy that has be quality checked and is well maintained at all times. that of course means if you play vanilla this is a server you could call home, enjoying the very qualities that make Minecraft a game like no other, because hey, that’s why you play that’s what you love to do and that’s why this server is perfect for you.

PvP Master; you could go on a killing spree with all the many other pvp members, with a vast list of pvp oriented plug-ins just for you, explosive spells, and a list of combat skills that allow you to be whatever kind of murder you want to be! while not having to deal with the people who just don't see the joy in your bloody ways or even embracing them and becoming an assassin letting the weak keep their hands clean.

Creative genius; you know who you are the select few who see the beauty in the blocks, can peal back the dirt gravel and sand to expose the amazing tower or grand mansion that was hidden beneath. this server also caters to you. creativity is an important element to any successful server just like pvp and villa. this server gives you the tools to be the builder you know you can and will be! we have a special rank just for you with protection grants your own special skills and plug ins that let you be the creative creature you were born to be.

RPG; That’s right this is Minecraft,everything is made of blocks and pickaxes are amazing, but wait there’s MORE! why not take all that awesome and turn up the heat, make it a game to remember, this is a server you wont soon forget! we have RPG skills from cutting down trees to taming wild wolves, becoming mobs and even making your own guild. join a party or make one and head off on an adventure like no other! fight your way though dungeons, take on whole world quests, this isn’t just a game community people this is an EXPERINENCE!

HYBRID; now here’s what makes us special, this is whats going to make you come back again again so best pay attention! you can do all of these at the same time that’s right MAKE THIS your game your server PLAY HOW YOU WANT TO PLAY ! we want you to feel like your in control! Hell you are in control! So join us in making Minecraft The game of all games.


CASUAL, HARDCORE, or even if your somewhere IN BETWEEN we want you here at the GENESIS OVERTURE! Were starting a new era of Minecraft and WE WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF IT!


Sometimes the ip doesn’t work with the :25565 if you cant connect try removing it and reconnecting if problems continues.

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